Everyone is talking about BIM – big BIM, small BIM, BIM level 2. But what should you think of before you start on your BIM journey? By making sure your house is in order, with the right structure and knowledge, you can make the transition into the World of BIM a whole lot easier. This webinar focuses on the resources and structure you will be grateful to have in place when you approach your first BIM Execution Plan – it will show you how and why you should have templates prepared, how to work with libraries of resources and how to ensure that you use all of Vectorworks’ tools when it comes to placing your project in the real world with help of GIS.


Attendees will:

  • How to combine traditional CAD data with a cartesian coordinate system, with GIS data and a geographic coordinate system.
  • Understand the BIM structure and the advantages of a BIM workflow.
  • How to ‘talk BIM’ – the main parties involved and their responsibilities.
  • How to set up your resources and workflows for success in your first BIM project.


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