$700 USD / £515 GBP / $875 CAD per person.

The Vectorworks Spotlight Certification class is a comprehensive course covering the essential tools, commands, and concepts you need to become proficient with Vectorworks Spotlight. This class will take you through the process of creating a venue, scenic elements, adding A/V equipment, placing lighting devices, configuring rigging, and finally presenting your design. Attendees will start with a blank document, import assets, draw a typical entertainment setup, create reports, and finish with deliverables.

This is a live online class. Attendees will have the opportunity to be active participants in the sessions, ask questions, and participate in real-time discussions (the use of webcams is encouraged). Additionally, attendees will have access to recordings of each session to review on-demand. On-demand recordings will be available for 6 months.

After completing this class, all attendees will be registered to take the Vectorworks Professional Spotlight Certification exam.

Audience: Vectorworks Spotlight or Design Suite customers in the Entertainment industry

Schedule: Nov 28th - Dec 2nd | 10:00AM EST – 4:00PM EST

Duration: 5 days ~ 30Hrs (Including breaks)

Requirements: Installed and activated license for Vectorworks Spotlight or Design Suite 2022

Recommendations: Attendees are expected to simultaneously view the training presentation and work on exercises in Vectorworks. A secondary monitor is strongly recommended.

Prerequisites: This is NOT an introductory course. It is a fast-paced, advanced course. Attendees must be proficient with Vectorworks Fundamentals tools and user interface. While                              not required, Vectorworks Core Certification is highly recommended

Certification Exam: Total Questions: 100 | Passing Score: 80 | Attempts: 3


DAY - 1
  • Organization  

    This first section of the Spotlight certification course introduces the Spotlight workspace, and the tools and commands included. We will discuss file preferences, Spotlight resources and preferences, and working with templates. This is primarily a watch-and-take-notes section.

  • Venue

    The follow-along section begins - Participants will start with a blank file, import a PDF ground plan, import a DWG floor plan, and build a venue using the Building Shell toolset. We will end with a 3D model.
  • Stage and Scenic 

    Participants will add stage and scenic elements to their design, including seating, soft goods, staging, stage steps, and scenic flats. We will also cover Seating Sections and the Seating Aisle tool.

DAY - 2
  • Audio and Video

    Participants will add audio and video elements to the design. We will explore options to add televisions, video screens, video cameras, led screens, and speakers into the production design.

  • Rigging Pt 1 

    Participants will add lighting pipes, lighting pipe ladders, and explore the various truss tools. We will also add hanging positions and attach different rigging elements to our design.

DAY - 3
  • Rigging Pt 2

    Participants will continue to explore different ways of working with essential rigging elements. We will add and attach hoists and Hoist Origins and begin working with the data attached to them.

  • Lighting Pt 1

    Now that the participants have a place to hang lights, we will learn how to add lighting devices, lighting accessories, number and patch lights, and display data with label legends.

DAY - 4
  • Lighting Pt 2

    Participants will continue to explore the process of building a light plot by focusing on setting up lighting inventories and placing instrument summaries.

  • Data and Reports

    Participants will begin to unlock data from the model. We will learn how to make instrument schedules, hoist reports, custom worksheets, and equipment counts. We will also explore Data Tags and Data Visualization.

DAY - 5
  • Rendering and Presentation

    Finally, we’ll present it to our client. Participants will learn to make fully rendered images using render styles, textures, and lighting options. We will create camera viewports and look at publishing any final documentation.

  • Q&A 
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