BIM has a wide range of benefits and uses including model validation and coordination, and the construction industry is rapidly adopting new technologies that provide more efficiencies and better integrated project delivery. In this webinar, we will discuss the BIM adoption strategies used by Studio Partington as well as how new technologies helped them provide better quality models for collaboration using Open BIM.

Vectorworks’ partnership with its Nemetschek sister company, Solibri®, brings Vectorworks Architect users a new Solibri Direct connection. Discover how Solibri Office can help you create more reliable and accurate models for validation, checking, and coordination.



  • Discover implementation strategies and benefits of implementing BIM into your workflow.
  • Identify best practices for establishing the proper level of detail needed to achieve successful BIM projects.
  • Learn the benefits of integrating model verification early in the design process using Solibri Office and Vectorworks’ Solibri Direct connection.
  • Explore how model checking tools like Solibri can enhance your BIM workflow for verification, coordination, communication, and more.