As a landscape architect or designer, you can find efficiencies in making use of “background” files from civil and survey engineers. You can apply their proposed work without recreating the base plan. And, with advancements in BIM software, working in different applications is easier than ever before with better file management and staying consistent with origin, georeferencing, and positioning.

Join Tony Kostreski, PLA and senior landscape product specialist, to learn the benefits of importing or referencing files and how imported geometry and data can be transformed into smart hybrid objects. All of the methods discussed can provide essential context in your BIM for landscape workflows.

Attendees will:

  • Distinguish the workflow benefits of either importing or referencing DWG files saved from Civil 3D.

  • Learn the importance of georeferencing and origins, and how they are the key factors in maintaining proper file positioning between all design disciplines.

  • Understand how imported civil and survey data and geometry can be transformed for use in 2D/3D site design workflows.

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