Spoleto Festival USA, based in Charleston, South Carolina, hosts domestic and international theatrical productions every year. In 17 days, over 250 performances take place throughout the city, but every production has to share its stage with someone else. It is repertory lighting at its craziest, with rapid-fire changeovers between shows choreographed down to the moment. In this session, Steve Shelley, president of Field Template LLC, will show the processes he used—and would use again today—in Vectorworks software to create the documentation needed to pull off such a combination of complex events.


  • Understand the definition, parameters, and types of repertory.
  • Learn how Spotlight can be used to support the unique needs of repertory.
  • Configure Vectorworks Spotlight and Lightwright features to produce the necessary light plots, instrument schedules, and other paperwork for repertory.
  • Examine two approaches to exchange data from multiple shows between a single Vectorworks Spotlight file and its companion Lightwright file.