Join Director Ricardo Ares and Landscape Architect Sam Bailey of Ares Landscape Architects Ltd for a webinar on migrating a medium-sized design practice from AutoCAD to Vectorworks Landmark. Ares and Bailey will focus on the significant benefits of making the move from general CAD workflows to landscape BIM workflows, and how the transition outweighs challenges. A case study example will be used throughout the presentation to demonstrate why Vectorworks is an invaluable tool for landscape architects.

Attendees will:

  • Understand why firms are increasingly being required by jurisdiction and clients to design more informedly, integrating BIM workflows for final product delivery.
  • Learn how migrating to BIM workflows enables stronger collaboration between firms and other BIM clients, especially when using available model viewing and checking applications.
  • Realize how integrated 2D/3D design with landscape-specific BIM tools can ensure better project design development.
  • Recognize how integrated 3D design speeds up production in project documentation.


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